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Leonie van Dyk is author of an amazing series of workbooks that empower you to remedy your problems in a revolutionary and effective way.
Using colour and shape she created a series of workbooks, currently covering the subjects as ADHD, Weight Loss and Pregnancy related problems.

We  hope you or someone close to you will benefit from the series on offer and would like to thank you for your interest in our site and hope to welcome you again.

We offer practical workbooks with exercises that you can do with your child or for yourself without the guidance of a therapist or other care provider.
The workbooks are available for different age groups, girls, boys, women and men.
The exercises are divided into an easy-to-follow program based on the influence of color and shape on the human brain that you or your child must follow over a period of 7 weeks.
On this site you will find links to order the workbooks. They are available as  paperback or as eBooks.

For any questions or feedback on our products, we invite you to contact us via our
"Contact" page above in the menu.

Yours sincerely

Summerstra Publishers
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